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TCS-1Test Project 1Kyrgyzstan
TCS-24×50 MW Dayingjiang- 3 Hydropower Project Phases 1&2China
VCS-10Baesa ProjectRenewable EnergyBrazil
VCS-12Chuanwei Group 24 MW Waste Gas Based Captive Power PlantRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-45Zhoubai Hydroelectric ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-5129.70 MW Wind Power Project In Karnataka IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-68119.8 MW Natural Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Plant, At Tanjavur, Tamilnadu By M/S Aban Power Company LimitedOtherIndia
VCS-92300MW Hydropower Project By JHPLRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1329 MW Neria Hyrdroelectric Project, Karnataka, IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-148Hebei Kangbao Wolongtushan 30 MW Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-173Vishnuprayag Hydro-Electric Project (Vhep) By Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd.(Jpvl)Renewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1914×50 MW Dayingjiang- 3 Hydropower Project Phases 1&2Renewable EnergyChina
VCS-19248 MW Houqiao Hydropower Project, Yunnan, ChinaRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-245Bundled Grid Connected 2.9 M.W. Wind Power Project In India By Kamal Engineering Corporation [Unit Of Kec Industries Ltd]Renewable EnergyIndia
VCS-251Biomass Based Cogeneration Project At Nectar Life Sciences LtdRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-253Fuzhou Hongmiaoling Landfill Gas To Electricity ProjectOtherRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-261Bundled Biomass Based Thermal Energy Projects In U.P. & Punjab Of Sukhbir Agro Energy LimitedRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-264Kargilik 24 MW Hydropower Plant, TurkeyRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-2654.5 MW Grouped Small Hydropower Projects For Grid System By Bhoruka Power Corporation Limited In Karnataka State, India.Renewable EnergyIndia
VCS-274Hanuman Ganga Hydro (4.95 MW) Plant At UttarakhandRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-292150 MW Grid Connected Wind Power Based Electricity Generation Project In Gujarat, India.Renewable EnergyIndia
VCS-293Rice Husk Fired Boiler Of 6 Ton Capacity For Process Steam Generation At SukhbirRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-309Bundled Grid-Connected Wind Electricity Generation Project Identified As Bundle E3 In Maharashtra And Gujarat, IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-330Wutuhe Erji Hydro Power Project In Guizhou Province, ChinaRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-338Methane Recovery Project Praktijkcentrum Sterksel, North Brabant, The NetherlandsRenewable EnergyAgricultureNetherlands
VCS-391Gullubag 96 MW Hydro Electric Power Plant Project, TurkeyRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-414Hebei Haixing 49.5MW Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-426Wastewater Treatment With Biogas System In Palm Oil Mill At Sawi, Chumporn,ThailandRenewable EnergyOtherThailand
VCS-439Yingpeng HFC23 Decompostion ProjectOtherChina
VCS-47628MW Jinkouba Hydropower ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-48650 MW Sipansihaporas Hydro Power Plant, North SumatraRenewable EnergyIndonesia
VCS-487210 MW Musi Hydro Power Plant, BengkuluRenewable EnergyIndonesia
VCS-4935 MW Brahm Ganga Hydro – Electric Project At Kullu District Of Himachal Pradesh, IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-494Zhangjiagang Nature Gas Power Generation ProjectOtherChina
VCS-498Grid-Connected Wind Electricity Generation Project In Tamil Nadu, IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-499Positive Climate Care 4.67 MW Bundled Grid Connected Wind Power Project Activity In Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-513Salto Pilão Hydropower Plant Project ActivityRenewable EnergyBrazil
VCS-528Panjin Rice Husk Thermal Energy Generation ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-529Jilin Rice Husk Thermal Energy Generation ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-535Akocak Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-56610 MW Wind Power Project In Maharashtra By Deepak Fertilizers And Petrochemicals Corporation LimitedRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-5842.5 MW Rice Husk Based Cogeneration Plant At Hanuman Agro Industries LimitedRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-603Sirma Run-Of-River Hydro ProjectRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-612The Kasigau Corridor REDD Project - Phase II The Community RanchesForestryKenya
VCS-614Chemical Recovery Project At Satia Industries Ltd. (Sil), Formerly Known As Satia Paper Mills Limited Village Rupana, PunjabIndustrial ProcessingIndia
VCS-61915 MW Grid Connected Renewable Energy Wind Turbine In KarnatakaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-62415 MW Biomass Residue Based Power Project At Ghazipur, IndiaOtherIndia
VCS-63113.25 MW Wind Power Generation By Rmtl, In Kutch, GujaratRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-65365MW Dagushan Hydropower Project In ChinaRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-65524.8 MW Wind Power Project By Belgaum Wind Farms Private Ltd. In Gadag, KarnatakaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-669Wind Energy Project By Ramco Group In IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-670Xiaoxi Hydropower ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-674Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve ProjectForestryIndonesia
VCS-682Wind Power Project At Anthiyur, Tamil NaduRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-699Yiyang Xiushan Hydropower Project, P.R. ChinaRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-708Engenheiro Ernesto Jorge Dreher And Engenheiro Henrique Kotzian Shps VCS Project (Jun1120)Renewable EnergyBrazil
VCS-713Koyulhisar Hydro Electricity Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-722Guangdong Huizhou LNG Power Generation ProjectOtherChina
VCS-725Shibeishan Wind Power Generation Project In Huilai County, Guangdong ProvinceRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-728Cecic Gansu Yumen Changma No.3 Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-733Biomass Based Steam Generation Project By Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.Renewable EnergyIndia
VCS-736Guyuan Wuhuaping 49.5 MW Wind Power ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-753The Cevizlik Run-Of-River Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-755Otluca Hpps Run-Of-River Hydro ProjectRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-758Saracbendi Hpp Run-Of-River Hydro ProjectRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-762Grid Connected Electricity Generation From Renewable Sources: Uzuncayir 82.0 MW Hydroelectric Power Plant Project, TurkeyRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-766Teesta- V Hydro Power Project In SikkimRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-7738MW Waste Heat Recovery Based Power Project By Sree Rengaraaj Power India Private LimitedEnergy EfficiencyIndia
VCS-7841.6 MW Bundled Rice Husk Based Cogeneration Plant By M/S Milk Food Limited (MFL) In Patiala (Punjab) & Moradabad (U.P) DistrictsRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-786Hyundai Steel Waste Energy Cogeneration ProjectEnergy EfficiencyKorea (Republic of)
VCS-788China Guangdong Shenzhen Qianwan LNG Generation ProjectRenewable EnergyOtherChina
VCS-792Tadi 16 MW Hydropower Project In Zhejiang ProvinceRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-810Ceyhan 61.7 MW Hydropower ProjectRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-812Bull Run Overseas Forest Carbon ProjectForestryBelize
VCS-817Datong River Zhuchaxia Hydropower StationRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-823Datong River Tianwanggou Hydropower StationRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-830Beijing Guanting Wind Power Project Phase II And Phase II AdditionRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-832Cikel Brazilian Amazon REDD Apd Project Avoiding Planned DeforestationForestryBrazil
VCS-836Song Ong Hydropower ProjectRenewable EnergyViet Nam
VCS-837Natural Gas Based Combined Cycle Power Generation, At Kothapeta, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, IndiaOtherIndia
VCS-844Madre De Dios Amazon REDD+ ProjectForestryPeru
VCS-849Inner Mongolia Ximeng Zheligentu Wind Farm Phase I ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-850Inner Mongolia Jingneng Saihan Wind Farm Phase I ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-870Wind Power Project By M/S Chhotabhai Jethabhai Patel & Co. (CJP) At Sinnar, MaharashtraRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-875Florestal Santa Maria ProjectForestryBrazil
VCS-876Shree Nakoda Ispat Ltd 12MW Biomass Power Generation ProjectRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-892Hebei Chengde Weichang Yudaokou Pasture 150MW Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-896Foz Do Chapecó ProjectRenewable EnergyBrazil
VCS-903Hebei Guyuan County Dongxinying 199.5 MW Wind Power ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-905The Yokuslu- Kalkandere Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-917Aslancik Hydro Power Plant ProjectRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-921Inner Mongolia Jingneng Saihan Wind Farm Phase II ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-92713.75 MW Wind Power Project In Davangere, Karnataka, IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-929Energy Efficiency And Solid Waste Diversion Activities Within The Quebec Sustainable CommunityEnergy EfficiencyCanada
VCS-934The Mai Ndombe REDD+ ProjectForestryCongo (Democratic Republic of the)
VCS-936Shiyazi Hydro Power Project In Guizhou Province ChinaRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-960Lumin/Eucapine Uruguay Forest Plantations On Degraded Grasslands Under Extensive GrazingForestryUruguay
VCS-981Pacajai REDD+ ProjectForestryBrazil
VCS-982Combined Cycle Natural Gas Based Grid Connected Power Plant At Jegurupadu, IndiaOtherIndia
VCS-985Cordillera Azul National Park REDD ProjectForestryPeru
VCS-986Kumköy Hydroelectric Power Plant, SamsunRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1002Natural Gas Based Grid Connected Power Project At Peddapuram, A.P. By Gautami Power LimitedOtherIndia
VCS-1021Grid Connected Wind Power Project By M/S. D. J. Malpani In RajasthanRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1037Guazhou Beidaqiao No.1 Wind Farm Project In Gansu Province, ChinaRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1044Ziqiang 18MW Hydropower Project In Guizhou Province ChinaRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1052North Pikounda REDD+ForestryCongo
VCS-1079Bundled Wind Power Project In Jamnagar, GujaratRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1094Ecomapua Amazon REDD ProjectForestryBrazil
VCS-1100Sanibey Dam And Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1121Anhui Guzhen Biomass Generation ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1140Henan Xinxiang 24MW Biomass Based Cogeneration ProjectOtherChina
VCS-1143Ningxia Angli Lingwu Photovoltaic Grid Connected Power Plant ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1146The Hyundai Waste Energy Recovery Co-Generation Project Phase IIEnergy EfficiencyKorea (Republic of)
VCS-1148Luofan 24MW Hydropower Project In Guizhou Province ChinaRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-11606.5 MW Cogeneration Project In Akbarpur, PunjabRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1162Jiangxi Province Le'An County Forest Farm Carbon Sink ProjectForestryChina
VCS-1166Nanba Associated Gas Processing Plant And The Auxiliary EngineeringOtherChina
VCS-1174Akcay 28.78 MW, Hydroelectric Power Plant Project (Hepp), TurkeyRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1182Cgn Inner Mongolia Zhurihe Phase I Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1186Viñales Biomass Power PlantOtherChile
VCS-1187Shandong Yishui Tangwangshan Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1188Shandong Wendeng Zhangjiachan Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1189Shandong Taipingshan Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1190Wind Power Project In GujaratRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1195Wind Power Project In RajasthanRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1203Suzlon 8.40 MW Wind Power ProjectRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1204Guohua Wulate Zhongqi Phase I 49.5 MW Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1205Tatar Hydro Electricity Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1214Vajrakarur Wind Power Project In Andhra PradeshRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1221Eglence I-II Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1228El PanulOtherChile
VCS-1258Saint Nikola Wind FarmRenewable EnergyBulgaria
VCS-1261Grid Connected Electricity Generation Using Natural Gas By Lanco Kondapalli Power LimitedOtherIndia
VCS-1291Hydro Power Project In Backward District Of Andhra Pradesh, IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1301Guohua Rongcheng Phase LL Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1310Guohua Tongliao Kezuo Zhongqi Phase I 49.5 MW Wind Farm ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1345Boyabat Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1356Jiangsu Dongtai Phase II Wind Power ProjectRenewable EnergyChina
VCS-1382The Envira Amazonia Project - A Tropical Forest Conservation Project In Acre, BrazilForestryBrazil
VCS-1418Renewable Energy Project By LNB GroupRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1427Adiguzel II Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1464Alkumru Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1477Katingan Peatland Restoration And Conservation ProjectForestryIndonesia
VCS-1497VCS Grouped Project For Renewable Power Generation By Essel Mining & Industries LimitedRenewable EnergyOtherIndia
VCS-1499Toros Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1505Bujagali Hydropower Project Renewable EnergyUganda
VCS-1506Cirakdami Hydro Electricity Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1508Pakarab Fertiliser Co-Generation Power Project ForestryPakistan
VCS-1521Wind Based Power Generation By Mytrah Energy (India) Limited (Ekiesl-VCS-January-16-01)Renewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1525Wind Power Project At Jaibhim By SIILRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1529Inner Mongolia Chao’Er Improved Forest Management ProjectForestryChina
VCS-1542Yunnan Kunming Liangqu Improved Forest Management ProjectForestryChina
VCS-15475MW Biomass Based Cogeneration Project At SainsonsOtherIndia
VCS-1549AAC Block Project By Aerocon Buildwell PVt. Ltd. (Ekiesl- June 2016-02)Energy EfficiencyIndia
VCS-1566REDD+ Project Resguardo Indigena Unificado Selva De Mataven (Riu Sm)ForestryColombia
VCS-1577Fujian Yong’An Improved Forest Management ProjectForestryChina
VCS-157815 MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Project At GujaratRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1580Solar Grouped Project By Acme Group (Ekiesl-VCS-Aug-16-01)Renewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1650Reduced Emissions From Deforestation And Degradation In Keo Seima Wildlife SanctuaryForestryCambodia
VCS-1654Fortaleza Ituxi REDD ProjectForestryBrazil
VCS-1656Zhangbei Manjing Windfarm Project Renewable EnergyChina
VCS-1671Wind Based Power Generation By Panama Wind Energy Private Limited In Maharashtra, IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1686Agrocortex REDD ProjectForestryBrazil
VCS-1693Wind Power Project In Maharashtra State, IndiaRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1715Inner Mongolia Wu‘Erqihan IFM (Conversion Of Logged To Protected Forest) ProjectForestryChina
VCS-1718Inner Mongolia Keyihe IFM (Conversion Of Logged To Protected Forest) ProjectForestryChina
VCS-1721ONIL Stoves Guatemala UspantanEnergy EfficiencyGuatemala
VCS-1742Hydroelectric Project In Kinnaur District In Himachal PradeshRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1748Southern Cardamom REDD+ ProjectForestryCambodia
VCS-1758Dereli Hydroelectric Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-1762Bundled Solar Power Project By Solararise India Projects PVt. Ltd.Renewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1764Reforestation And Restoration Of Degraded Mangrove Lands, Sustainable Livelihood And Community Development In MyanmarBlue CarbonMyanmar
VCS-1768216 MWac Kamuthi Solar Power ProjectRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1781MRMPL Wind Power ProjectRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1792Ghani Solar Renewable Power Project By Greenko GroupRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-1824Liucheng Biomass Power Generation Project In Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, ChinaOtherChina
VCS-1883Pichacay Landfill Gas Renewable Energy ProjectOtherEcuador
VCS-1935Hubei Hongshan IFM (Conversion Of Logged To Protected Forest) ProjectForestryChina
VCS-1985100 MW Bundled Wind Power Project In Anantapuram, Andhra PradeshRenewable EnergyIndia
VCS-2026Allain Duhangan Hydroelectric Project (ADHP)Renewable EnergyIndia
VCS-2089Rio Taquesi Hydroelectric Power Project Renewable EnergyBolivia (Plurinational State of)
VCS-2092Kirazlık Hydroelectric Power Plant ProjectRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-2095Duzce Aksu Hydro Electricity Power PlantRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-2097Tepekisla Dam & Hydropower Plant ProjectRenewable EnergyTurkey
VCS-2098Nanhai Msw Incineration II ProjectIndustrial ProcessingChina
VCS-2307Ambatolampy 20 MW Solar PVRenewable EnergyMadagascar