Boyabat Hydroelectric Power Plant

Boyabat Hydroelectric Power Plant

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Boyabat Hydroelectric Power Plant (Boyabat HPP in short) is a 513 MW capacity project that is designed and planned to be constructed on Kızılırmak river , within the jurisdictions of Sinop, where the Dam body is located and partially within the jurisdictions of Çankırı and Samsun Provinces of Turkey. Kızılırmak River, is one of the biggest rivers in Turkey, and gives its name to the Kızılırmak basin that makes up one of the 26 big river catchments of Turkey. The purpose of the project is to supply electricity to the Turkish power grid, from a renewable source. The project is expected to produce 1,370,000 MWh of electricity per year, over the first crediting period. The annual electricity delivered to the grid by the project, would have otherwise been generated by the operation of grid-connected power plants and by the addition of new generation sources. The project is expected to produce 580,882 tonnes of CO2e emissions reductions.


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