REDD+ Project Resguardo Indigena Unificado Selva De Mataven (Riu Sm)

REDD+ Project Resguardo Indigena Unificado Selva De Mataven (Riu Sm)


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REDD+ Project Resguardo Indígena Unificado–Selva de Mataven (REDD+ RIU-SM) aims to develop a participatory process to achieve the establishment of an integrated management system of forests and lands of the reserve, to ensure its sustainability and to mitigate threats of its conservation, particularly avoiding deforestation through the implementation of a REDD+ Project (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation + conserving carbon stocks, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest reserves in developing countries) that allows providing compensation payments for ecosystem services. The technology corresponds to a REDD Project in accordance with standards established by the VCS. Specifically an activity “Avoiding Unplanned Deforestation and Degradation (AUDD)”. The Indigenous Reservation is located east of the high plain Orinoco Colombian region in the transition belt between the savannas of the Orinoco and the Amazon forests, in Department of Vichada


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