Chuanwei Group 24 MW Waste Gas Based Captive Power Plant

Chuanwei Group 24 MW Waste Gas Based Captive Power Plant

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Chuanwei Group 24 MW waste gas based captive power plant (hereafter referred to as the Project) is sited within Lianjie Town, Weiyuan County, Neijiang City of Sichuan Province, P.R.China. The project activity involves installation of two sets of 12 MW condensing turbine generators. The objective of the Project is to utilize the waste gas of Chuanwei Group which would be flared in the absence of the Project to generate electricity, displacing part of electricity supplied by fossil fuel-fired power plants of the Central China Grid. The Project will not only supply carbon-free electricity by means of utilization of combustible waste gas, but also contribute to sustainable development of the local community, host country and the world by means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to a business-as-usual scenario; accelerating the development of energy-saving technologies, and creating local job opportunities.


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