Luofan 24MW Hydropower Project In Guizhou Province China

Luofan 24MW Hydropower Project In Guizhou Province China

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Luofan 24MW Hydropower Project (hereafter referred to as “the project”) is located in Yanjia Town, Ceheng County, Guizhou Province, China. The total installed capacity of the project is 24MW?2×10MW+1×4MW?, and the annual utilization hours are 3,601h, the annual electricity generation is 86,420 MWh with the net electricity of 85,988 MWh supplied to the China Southern Power Grid (CSPG) annually. The project will achieve CO2 emission reduction by replacing electricity supplied by fossil fuel fired power plant connected into CSPG.The project won’t produce any greenhouse gas (GHG) during the operation. The electricity generated by the project can displace part of the power from the fossil fuel-fired power plants of CSPG, and the expected annual GHG emission reductions are 56,472tCO2e.


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