Biomass Based Cogeneration Project At Nectar Life Sciences Ltd

Biomass Based Cogeneration Project At Nectar Life Sciences Ltd

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The project activity at Neclife involves installation of a new biomass based cogeneration system at the pharmaceutical unit of Nectar Lifesciences Limited (NecLife). The project caters to existing steam requirement of unit I and steam and electricity requirement (existing and expanded capacity) of unit II. The cogeneration system includes a Triveni make 6 MW extraction cum condensing turbine generator and a Thermax make 40 TPH capacity AFBC boiler with a pressure rating of 67 kg/cm2 and temperature 490 °C. The steam extraction is 20 TPH. The installed boiler is 40 TPH outdoor, natural circulation, bi-drum, balanced draft and bottom supported by RCC construction. Installed turbine is a steam turbine. It is multistage, nozzle governed, Horizontal spindle, extraction cum condensing impulse type turbine with two bearings. DG sets have been used as a backup. The cogen plant supplies electricity to Unit I and Unit II and steam to Unit II only. In the pre-project scenario, the electricity requirement was met by grid with DG set as a backup. The steam requirement was met by Furnace oil based boilers.


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