Akcay 28.78 MW, Hydroelectric Power Plant Project (Hepp), Turkey

Akcay 28.78 MW, Hydroelectric Power Plant Project (Hepp), Turkey

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Akcay Hes Elektrik Üretim A.Þ.( AKCAY, hereafter) installed Akçay HEPP with 28.78 MW runoff-river hydropower electricity plant (HEPP) at the end point of Bozdoðan – Akçay Left Coast Main Irrigation Channel in Aydin, Turkey. The plant uses the water left from the channel to generate electricity, before conveying water to the Akcay river bed. Therefore, the project activity of Akcay HEPP does not include any reservoir area or diversion weir. The project not only produces electricity from water, but also plays a role of conveying water to the river bed as a part of the irrigation channel. The net electricity production (delivered to the grid after losses and consumption in the plant) from the plant is estimated to be 76.915 GWh per annum annual emission reductions is estimated as 49,610 tCO2e.


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