Fujian Yong’An Improved Forest Management Project

Fujian Yong’An Improved Forest Management Project


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Project Description: Fujian Yong’an Improved Forest Management Project (hereafter “the project”) is located in Yong’an City, Fujian Province, P.R.China. It is implemented by the representative project owner Yong’an Forestry Bureau (hereafter “project owner”). The dominant tree species within the project area are Chinese Fir, Masson pine and Broad-leaf trees. The project is implemented in the key location commercial forest of Yong’an city, which distributes in the 14 towns. The project has approximately 7,186 ha commercial forest, whose ages ranging from sapling, middle age to mature forest, most of the broad-leaf trees are nearly mature or mature. Before the implementation of the project, the forest within the project area was designed and planted as commercial forest, and logged annually according to the timber logging and managing plan issued by the local forest authority. The main object of the project is to improve the forest coverage rate, protect local ecological environment,


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