Hanuman Ganga Hydro (4.95 MW) Plant At Uttarakhand

Hanuman Ganga Hydro (4.95 MW) Plant At Uttarakhand

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The project activity consists of the construction of small hydro project, the total installed capacity being 4.95 MW to generate clean electricity using the energy of the flowing stream. The project is a run-of- the- river type with minimum environmental impacts. The technology or electricity generation process using hydro resources is converting the potential energy available in the stream flowing from higher altitudes into mechanical energy using hydro turbines and then to electrical energy using alternators. The project activity will provide and sell electricity to the state electricity utility (Uttarakhand Power Corporation Limited (UPCL)) through NEWNE grid, thus reducing dependence on fossil fuels and thereby reducing CO2 emissions. Electricity shall be evacuated through 33 KV line to the nearest 33 KV sub-station at Hanuman Chatti Sub Station.


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