Zhangjiagang Nature Gas Power Generation Project

Zhangjiagang Nature Gas Power Generation Project


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Zhangjiagang Nature Gas Power Generation Project is to construct a greenfield natural gas fired grid-connected power plant in Zhangjiagang City in East China’s Jiangsu Province, and be invested, constructed and operated by Zhangjiagang Huaxing Power Co., Ltd.The purpose of the proposed project is to construct a new thermal power plant using natural gas as fuel in order to supply electricity to JPG and increase the peak regulation capacity of JPG as well as lead to reduce the green house gas emissions. According to the FSR of the proposed project, the power generation technology is 9F-level gas-steam combined cycle, the rated total installation capacity is 780MW (2×390MW), the annual operation hours is 3500 hours, the annual natural gas consumption is estimated to be 576 million m3, the annual power generation is 2730 GWh and the annual net electricity output sent to the grid is 2675.4GWh.


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