Foz Do Chapecó Project

Foz Do Chapecó Project

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Foz do Chapecó Hydroelectric Project developed by Foz do Chapecó Energia S/A consists of the installation of a hydroelectric plant, located in the verge of Águas de Chapecó municipality, in Santa Catarina State, and Alpestre municipality, in Rio Grande do Sul State. Total installed capacity of the Project will be 855 MW, consisting of four sets of hydroelectric Francis type turbines with nominal capacity 217.14 MW and the electricity generator nominal power is 213.75. The purpose of the Project is to use the hydrological resources of the Uruguay River in order to generate low emissions electricity for the Brazilian Interconnected System (SIN – Sistema Interligado Nacional), thereby displacing electricity that is relatively carbon intensive, and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions


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