Koyulhisar Hydro Electricity Power Plant

Koyulhisar Hydro Electricity Power Plant

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Bereket Enerji Üretim San. ve Tic. A. S. has constructed Koyulhisar Hydro Electric Power Plant (HPP) on the Kelkit Stream, within the jurisdiction of Koyulhisar Town of Sivas Province, Turkey. The purpose of the project is electricity production using the potential energy of Kelkit Stream as a renewable resource. Therefore, the electricity is going to be produced without causing airborne pollutants or Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. The construction and operation of the Koyulhisar Hydro Electric Power Plant (HPP) will be delaying the addition of conventional thermal power plants to the Turkish National Electricity Grid.The set capacity of Koyulhisar HPP is 63 MW, with 3 turbines of 21 MW each . One of these three turbines is installed as a standby unit, intended to operate only whenever one of the other two turbines will not be operating for the purpose of maintenance and repair. The annual average electricity production is expected to be a maximum of around 220,000 MWh. Based on Turkey’s Combined Margin Emission Factor of 0.52826 tCO2e/MWh, the project is expected to produce 116,217 tonnes of CO2e GHG reductions each year. The project is also contributing to the local economy by providing jobs and creating other social benefits. These aspects are evaluated based on social carbon standard Hydro indicators version 4.1, adapted for Koyulhisar HEPP.


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