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The primary objective of the Agrocortex REDD Project is to avoid the unplanned deforestation (AUD) of the 186,369.66 ha project area, consisting of 100% Amazon rainforest. The project area is located within a private property named “Fazenda Seringal Novo Macapá”, which is situated in the municipalities of Manoel Urbano, Pauini and Boca do Acre, in the States of Acre and Amazonas, South-western Amazon. In addition to contributing to the long-term conservation of the region, the Agrocortex REDD Project also has the function of establishing a barrier against the advancement of deforestation, making an important contribution to the conservation of South-western Amazon biodiversity and also to climate regulation in Brazil and South America. This project is open for public comment from 12 May - 11 June 2017. No comments were received.


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