65MW Dagushan Hydropower Project In China

65MW Dagushan Hydropower Project In China

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The project is located in Su’nan Yugu Autonomous County and about 102 km far from Zhangye City in Gansu Province, China, constructed and operated by Gansu Zhangye Dagushan Hydropower Co. Ltd. The project is a run-ofriver hydropower project with a total installed capacity of 65MW (2×26 MW+1×13 MW). As a renewable energy project, Dagushan Hydropower Plant (abbreviation “DHP”) produces positive environmental and economic benefits and contributes to the local sustainable development.The project will be connected to the Northwest Power Grid (NWPG) through Gansu Power Grid, and the generated electricity by the proposed project will displace part of the electricity generated by NWPG, therefore the emission reduction will be achieved, and the estimated annualGHG emission reductions are 170,015 tCO2e.


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