Akocak Hydroelectric Power Plant

Akocak Hydroelectric Power Plant

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AKOCAK is a run of river type hydroelectric power plant (HEPP) project located on Karadere River, in Trabzon province, in East Black sea region of Turkey. The purpose of the project is to generate energy from the running waters of Karadere River. The project includes two weirs. The first weir called Erikli weir shall be built on Alcak Brook, a branch of Karadere, on 1,339 meters riverbed elevation. A sediment pool of 41 meters long and 2.3 meters wide shall be built along the riverbed. The other weir called Akocak weir shall be built on Karadere branch of the river, on 1,328 meter riverbed elevation. The UTM ED coordinates for Erikli weir is 580 500 E, 4 495 600 N; Akocak weir: 577 425 E, 4 496 300 N; powerhouse: 576 375E, 4 502 625 N.


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