Saracbendi Hpp Run-Of-River Hydro Project

Saracbendi Hpp Run-Of-River Hydro Project

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Saracbendi HPP is a 23.67 MW low head run-of-river power plant usinga new weir structure to deviate river water of the Kizilirmak Riverinto an intake structure with three settlement basins. From there itenters an open trapezoidal canal of 25.6 km length which runs alongthe left bank of the river. At the end a head pond is located with anintake to two steel penstocks of 3.90 m diameter and 159.9 m lengtheach which lead to the powerhouse with the turbines. From there thewater is released to the Kizilirmak River by an open canal.Saracbendi HPP is expected to start electricity production on 1stJanuary 2011. Produced electricity is being fed into the nationalgrid. The project generates a substantial emission reduction bybringing carbon neutral electricity production to the Turkish grid.The overall emission reductions shall amount to 55,170 tCO2e per yearon average.The hydro project shall be registered as a voluntary emissionreduction project under the Voluntary Carbon Standard, thus enablingits implementation by obtaining co-financing from carbon marketproceeds.


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