Sanibey Dam And Hydroelectric Power Plant

Sanibey Dam And Hydroelectric Power Plant

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Sanibey Dam & HEPP is comprised a dam and a green field “310.66 MWe” hydroelectric power plant located in the Seyhan river basin, in Turkey’s Eastern Mediterranean Region. In order to generate energy, power plant building including two units having outputs of 155.33MWe each are located on the downstream of the dam body. Once the project is accomplished, a separate project will also be carried out by the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) which envisages the provision of irrigation of 75,000ha of land in Imamoglu region.The project activity reduces greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions that would have otherwise occurred in the absence of the project activity by avoiding electricity generation from fossil fuel sources. The average annual emission reductions of the proposed Project for the crediting period are estimated as 524,729 tonnes of CO2e according to the estimated annual electricity generation figure in the feasibility study report It is estimated that the Project will reduce 524,729 tCO2e annually, generating an expected total of 5,209,598 tCO2e for the duration of the initial 10-year crediting period. VCS project crediting period will be renewed once which will make the total crediting period as 20 years. The project started to generate electricity on December 2nd, 2010. The end date of the first crediting period is 1st of December 2020.


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