Ambatolampy 20 MW Solar PV

Ambatolampy 20 MW Solar PV

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Ambatolampy 20 MW solar PV (“the project”) consists of the construction and operation of a greenfield 20 MW solar photovoltaic power plant by GreenYellow Madagascar (“GreenYellow”) in Ambatolampy, in the South-East of Vakinankaratra region, Madagascar. It involves the setting up of photovoltaic (PV) panels which will capture solar energy and convey such energy to the convertor station in order to produce electricity exported to the national grid. Electricity in Madagascar is currently heavily reliant on imported fossil fuels currently consumed by thermal power stations (514 MW) versus hydropower plants (162 MW) , thus a baseline scenario also considered as the scenario prior to the implementation of the project activity leading to considerable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The project activity undertaken by project promoter GreenYellow will therefore substitute grid electricity by clean and renewable energy, and cut down GHG emissions. The project is the first large-scale solar PV power plant on the island and will generate approximately 23,431 tCO2e emission reductions per year and 164,018 tCO2e of emission reductions over the 7 years crediting period.


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