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ACM0001CDMFlaring or use of landfill gasOther
ACM0002CDMGrid-connected electricity generation from renewable sourcesRenewable Energy
ACM0006CDMElectricity and heat generation from biomassOther
ACM0012CDMWaste energy recoveryEnergy Efficiency
ACM0018CDMElectricity generation from biomass in power-only plantsRenewable Energy
AM0001CDMDecomposition of fluoroform (HFC-23) waste streamsOther
AM0009CDMRecovery and utilization of gas from oil fields that would otherwise be flared or ventedOther
AM0014CDMNatural gas-based package cogenerationForestry
AM0025CDMAlternative waste treatment processesIndustrial Processing
AM0029CDMBaseline Methodology for Grid Connected Electricity Generation Plants using Natural GasOther
AMS-ICCDMThermal energy production with or without electricityRenewable Energy
AMS-IDCDMGrid connected renewable electricity generationRenewable Energy
AMS-IFCDMRenewable electricity generation for captive use and mini-gridOther
AMS-IIIDCDMMethane recovery in animal manure management systemsAgriculture
AMS-IIIGCDMLandfill methane recoveryOther
AMS-IIIHCDMMethane recovery in wastewater treatmentOther
AMS-IIIMCDMReduction in consumption of electricity by recovering soda from paper manufacturing processIndustrial Processing
AMS-IIIZCDMFuel Switch, process improvement and energy efficiency in brick manufactureEnergy Efficiency
AR-ACM0001CDMAfforestation and reforestation of degraded landForestry
AR-AM0014CDMAfforestation and reforestation of degraded mangrove habitatsBlue Carbon
VM0004VerraMethodology for Conservation Projects that Avoid Planned Land Use Conversion in Peat Swamp ForestsForestry
VM0007VerraREDD+ Methodology Framework (REDD+MF)Forestry
VM0009VerraMethodology for Avoided Ecosystem ConversionForestry
VM0010VerraMethodology for Improved Forest Management: Conversion from Logged to Protected ForestForestry
VM0011VerraMethodology for Calculating GHG Benefits from Preventing Planned DegradationForestry
VM0015VerraMethodology for Avoided Unplanned DeforestationForestry
VM0018VerraEnergy Efficiency and Solid Waste Diversion Activities within a Sustainable CommunityEnergy Efficiency
VMR0006VerraMethodology for Installation of High Efficiency Firewood CookstovesEnergy Efficiency